Townhouses with 178.21 m² of construction + 100 m² of garden. 3 Bedrooms with all include.

General plains

3 Beds – 3 bathrooms

BLU TERRENAS, in addition to being the most innovative and exclusive project in the area, «eco frendly», «sound frendly», organic, with the largest pool in the world, will employ around 2500 people directly and around 5000 people directly. indirectly, contributing significantly to improve the socioeconomic condition of the entire area, as well as a University, focused on annual courses that will prepare about 250 young people by inserting them in tourism projects, while the artisan workshops will produce products with the Las Terrenas brand and souvenirs for be bought by tourists from all over the world, ensuring that the Dominican Republic, and Las Terrenas in particular, are recognized worldwide as one of the true paradises that exist today on earth.

BLU TERRENAS will definitely mark a before and after not only for the area where it will be developed, but also for the entire Dominican Republic.