Upon arrival at the main entrances’ roundabout, where a crystal-clear water fountain recalls the hundreds of existing waterfalls in the territory, the public will find a parking area with more than 1500 parking spaces.

After an electronic registration, the public part of the project will be opened to form an island, created inside a pool of 90,000 square meters of fresh water, which will allow tourists to let their eyes wander over an area of about two kilometers (1.24mi) of water.

From a pier on the water you can access the island through a pedestrian bridge or with the typical boats of the area, with their beautiful bright colors.

At the end of the bridge, an immense plaza will open up, surrounded by buildings that resemble the colonial architecture of the Caribbean, and where, on the first floors, under the arches, you will find shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy dinner or even drink a simple coffee while sitting in the shade of the houses or walking through the downtown streets. The luxurious apartments, on the second and third floors, will surround it.

  • Parking area with more than 1,500 parking spaces.

  • Electronic registration.

  • 135,000 square meters of freshwater pool.

  • Supermarket of about 1,500 square meters will be built.

  • Shops, bars, restaurants.

  • Academy, movie theather, emergency room.

  • 5-star luxury boutique hotel.

  • Spa Center.

  • Aid clinic.

  • Marketplace.

  • Small colorful boats.

  • Longest swimmout in the world.

  • Sports center with tennis, paddle tennis and basketball courts.

  • Olympic-size swimming pool.

  • Club House.

  • Solar energy park.

From there it will be possible to walk, crossing the navigable canals of the center, to reach other buildings such as the museum, the academy, the movie theater, small local artisans workshops, souvenir shops, the first 5-star luxury boutique hotel, the virtual experiences building and the go-kart track, the SPA, the police and security building, a small first aid clinic, the church to attend religious functions, a market that will offer local products and a congress center, with an open-air amphitheater that has a capacity for 2500 people, built directly upon the pool, meanwhile, near the public parking lots, a supermarket of about 3000 square meters (9,842 ft.) will be built.

The feeling of the tourists will be like walking in a colonial town, although this has been reconstructed, where the noise pollution will be zero and small speakers, strategically placed in the center, will diffuse the sounds coming from the surrounding nature, as well as to service announcements of public interest.

Small colorful boats, all equipped with electric motors, will surround the center, sailing and transporting tourists while restaurant boats will pick them up at night, for a cruise with live music and dinner in the largest pool in the world.

The owners, as well as the hotel guests, will be able to move from inner part of the project to the historic center or the commercial zone, while the local public and tourists will only be able to access the island in the historic center or in the commercial zone.

The private part of the project includes approximately 1,350 apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, with direct view to the world’s longest “swimmout”, with a 1700 meters (1860 yards ) longevity, where owners and guests of the hotel will be transported by the current generated by small engines, a sort of mini-cruise, while stopping by kiosks to have a soft drink or an ice cream, and passing under the bridges that will connect the island with the interior of the project, while jets of freshly sprayed water will fall on the passengers.

The island inside the pool will have, at its western end, a sports center with tennis, paddle tennis and basketball courts, an Olympic-size swimming pool with a diving platform, a clubhouse, a baseball court and a rowing club. That will allow the organization of sporting events.


The central part of the island, linked by bridges to the residential part, will give access to 25 islets, of about 1350 square meters each (4500 ft.), built in the shape of the project logo. In each islet it will be built a “custom made” villa, with a private beach and with bedrooms whose windows will overlook, below the water level, a small marine habitat, reconstructed and illuminated.

The client will be able to choose which islet to buy in order to own his villa in the Dominican Republic most exclusive project.
Through a small tunnel, you will get directly to the beach, where, on first line, facing the sea, other apartments will be located, within the “club house” ready to receive all the owners and guests of the hotel.

In the southern part of the pool, in the hills, lots will be developed, where it is expected to place villas of about 350 square meters each, for a greater “green development ratio”. Other 135 lots will be part of “Blu Terrenas” second phase, which will be built around the lighthouse, and will have a restaurant at the base.

At the end of the “Blu Terrenas” property, a solar energy park will be built, with a capacity of 20 Megawatts, which will generate electricity for carts that will be provided to each apartment, and will be offered as a gift at the moment of purchase (also, the apartments will be equipped with furniture, kitchens, appliances and air conditioners), to achieve the “friendly sound” concept, and for lighting common areas.

In addition to the solar park, it is planned to allocate a strip of land for an organic crops production, which will be used by the hotel as well as to be sold in stores.


The commercial zone of Blu Terrenas its located on top of an island of 60,000m2 (13.65acres) land size, and it has been divided into different areas which reflect the variety of cultures and communities of the Dominican territory. Furthermore, it will be built with a colonial and post-colonial architecture style. The center is completely pedestrian and navigable with small colorful boats typical of the Dominican Republic.


The main square, which it has been dedicated in honour of Don Eduardo Paiewonsky, with almost a space of 10,000m2 (2.28 acres) will accommodate 52 stores, 2 restaurants and 2 bars for the enjoyment of the guests and public. The second and third level of it will lodge the five stars elegant hotel suites “L’Boutique Hotel”.


“La Piazza” is one of the 3 thematic areas of the commercial zone, by taking into account the ethnic diversity present in the village, the concept was introduced to re-create architecturally and culturally, the Italian transcendence in the community. “La Piazza” will be reconstructed as a small Italian “Piazza”, where it will be able to find stores with typical products, small bars, restaurants, trattorias with a variety of Italian culinary art, at which place the tourists can relax and dine in the shade of the trees or on the banks of the water canals.


The French area, another important community in Las Terrenas, is located on a boulevard on the shore of a small inner harbor, where boats will be available for guests. The boulevard, with its French colonial architecture and colorful wooden windows, opens under its arches to welcome tourists with stores and restaurants of French gastronomy, such as a boulangerie or a creperie, where the guests will feel the freshness of the waters of the harbor dining outside the boulevard.


In the highest part of the landscape of “Blu Terrenas” a lighthouse with a restaurant at its base will project its blue light that will desigante and identify the place as of one of the most complete projects of the Caribbean.


The third thematic area, dedicated to the Dominican Republic, is located in front of the amphitheater in a large plaza, where artisan workshops that produce souvenirs and typical local products for tourists, will act as a cornice to typical Dominican restaurants and the local market, which opens during the day with all the colors and smells of fresh fruits and spices of the country.


The supermarket will be a 3,000m2 (32,290 ft²) structure where the public, tourists and guests can find all their daily necessities.


The amphitheater will be placed at the end of the historic center, its built as an old Greek amphitheater with a capacity of 2500 people, the stage will be above the water, from which there will be access to an elevator, that connects the stage with the back stage, giving a better working logistics for the artists performances.


A small emergency room with a doctor on duty 24 hours a day, will be open inside the commercial zone, in order to prevent eventual emergency medical cases.


A small church is part of the project’s endowment, placed on an island within the shopping center for religious functions.


The streets of “Blu Terrenas” will be “Sound Frendly”, the combustion vehicles will be parked in the covered parking lots, while the guests will use electric vehicles to go to the apartments, parking spaces with electric charging will be positioned for each apartment, while the streets of the commercial center will be formed by the waters of the lagoon, apart from the pedestrian ones.


A police station will be built next to the internal security offices of the project for a wider security of guests and tourists.


The main pool or lagoon of “Blu Terrenas” consists of a water mirror of approximately 100,000 m2 (22.70acres), with private shore islands and condominiums. During sunset, tourists can board one of the flat-bottomed restaurant boats for a cruise in the calm, lighted waters of the pool around the shopping center and islands for a romantic or convivial dinner with live music.


The first congress center in the northern part of the area, with 6 auditoriums with a capacity for a total of 2000 people, including meeting/exhibition rooms for classes and virtual thematic definitions, located under the amphitheater, additionally the will be a coffee shop.


Inside the historical center the will be a building dedicated to house the first museum in the northern part of the island. The museum will exhibit with three dimensional environments: the various epochs and phases of the history of the Dominican Republic, from the Taino culture, the arrival of the Spaniards, the piracy era, and the independence, the war with the Republic of Haiti until the XXI century, a tour for public, students, and tourists about the country history.


The Academy of professional training is a school of tourism training, suitable for young people in the area, totally free, which will form, with a corps of European and local teachers, young people who want to prepare and work in the tourism industry, for the insertion of them in various hotels, resorts or as a base for tourism entrepreneurship.


Defined as C.O.A. Orthomolecular Anti-Aging Center, is the first structure that will try to balance with orthomolecular medicine in maintaining the health of the individual through the supplementation of minerals. Based on the concept that “diseases reflect deficiency”, orthomolecular medicine corrects individual imbalance by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body such as vitamins and mineral.


The Blu Terrenas SPA will be a unique structure of its kind, dedicated to the ancient Roman SPA, it will have cold and hot water fountains, the latest generation of treatments for guests and 5 stars services for them.


The local market, placed in the Bohío Square, will bring together the typical products of the island in a market that opens during the day until the afternoon, where several local vendors can provide the best products of the country in an atmosphere of festivity, colors and music.


Suites of 1 room of 60m2 (646 ft²) that will be held between the second and third level of the building inside the shopping center, with a five stars service and access to all the amenities of the project.


For sports, there are 20,000m2 (4.55 acres) of space with different courts, among which: basketball, paddle, tennis, swimming pool, obstacles, baseball, oars, and a playground for the little ones.


The pool or lagoon is built on the shore of all the apartments and villas including the commercial zone, almost 10 hectares of deep water 1.50 meters (5 ft.) for the safeguarding of adults and children, fresh and crystal-clear water with colored jets and lighting at night. In the center of the pool a reconstructed “cay” with its artificial beaches will dispose a bar for refreshment of the guests.


All the apartments located on the first level will have a terrace that “enters” the world’s longest swimmout, a 1700-meter-long (1.056 mi) lazy river that with its gentle current generated by small motors will transport guests on a journey of hours of fun while the small kiosks will refresh the guests with their products.


Las Terrenas is the most emblematic part of the nature of the island, with its lush vegetation, the giant ferns, the tallest palms, the northern part of the project will contain an ecological park of 1,000,000m2 (227 acres ) where the guests can walk under the shadows of the sunrise, perceiving the microclimate, and the nature of the same. The “green lung” will leave the environment uncontaminated in all its aspects.


The beach club structure will be positioned near an electric trolley parking lot, for the needs of the guests of the project, near the beach of a few dozen meters; the guests will find all the amenities that they need.

BLU TERRENAS, in addition to being the most innovative and exclusive project in the area, “ecofriendly”, “sound friendly”, organic, will employ about 2,500 people directly and about 5,000 indirectly, contributing significantly in the improvement and development of Las Terrenas territory, as well as an Academy, focused on providing annual courses that will educate about 250 young people by inserting them into tourism businesses, while the artisan workshops will produce products and souvenirs to be bought by tourists from all over the world, ensuring that Dominican Republic, and Las Terrenas in particular, will be recognized worldwide as one of the true existing paradises on earth.

BLU TERRENAS will definitely mark a before and after, not only for the area where it will be developed, but also for the entire Dominican Republic.

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