..It was surrounded by crystal clear waters
And large trees were an fundamental part
of nature.

Walking along the Atlantic Boulevard, until reaching what is today called the “Mirador”, we find the coast of “Las Terrenas”, with 22 kilometers (13 mi) of pristine beaches, opens up to the gaze of the tourists with the green color of the big ferns that descend in cascades from the heights, joining the palm trees directly on the beaches, which have remained uncontaminated, in some places, since Columbus’s arrival.

Over the years, the territory has changed little. Below us it opens to our view a typical fishing village, with its narrow streets and colorful wooden houses, where visitors can find all the traditional products of the area, and can breathe the aroma of toasted coffee through all the downtown streets. Also, it can be found numerous exotic fruits in clusters for sale at the entrance of the shops, meanwhile, on the downtown beach, the fishermen sell the products of their daily work. Furthermore, the small wooden boats, brightly colored, offer a beautiful view lying dry on the sand, while in the distance, the sound of the waves breaking in the coral reef comes by.

“Under the blue lighthouse, the BLU TERRENAS project opens in all its splendor”.

On the hill in front of the sea, at 100 meters high (328 ft.), on an enveloping structure, with sinuous contours, as well as the nature of the place, at about 30 meters (98 ft.) high, a blue light surrounds the top, radiating the surrounding nature with its rays and all parts of the territory, symbolizing the socio-economic and tourist development of the area.

Three kilometers of square meters, lodge the most exclusive and innovative project in the entire Dominican Republic.

“Blu Terrenas” opens its doors to the owners, tourists and local public in its commercial areas, its amenities, and the first congress center of the area, as well as, the first local museum, the 3D movie theater, the health emergency center, the academy for youth in scope to enterprise un the tourism field, the fruit and spice market with its colors, to the Dominican, Italian and French zones that with their restaurants and typical shops of the represented countries will express the culinary variety of Las Terrenas, immersing the public in a completely pedestrian rebuilt historic center.


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