The arrival of the Blu Terrenas project has generated thousands of direct and indirect jobs, boosting local commerce and tourism development in the area.

Las Terrenas, Samaná – At a press conference held today, various sectors of the community of Las Terrenas, including the Taxi Drivers Association (ASOCHOTRATUTENA), hardware dealers, the Association of Public Transport Workers (ASOTRAPUSA), the truck drivers union, motoconchos and the Union of Neighborhood Associations and Mothers’ Clubs, expressed their discontent with the delays in the final permits for the Blu Terrenas tourism project, a situation which affects the economic and tourism development of this city.

The sectors took the opportunity to address the authorities, including President Luis Abinader Corona and the ministers of tourism and environment, to request the granting of the final permits for the project.

The Blu Terrenas project has proven to be a powerful source of economic dynamism for the municipality of Las Terrenas and its surroundings, which, since its inception, has made various contributions for the benefit of the community, generating direct and indirect jobs, boosting local commerce and the development of tourism, thus contributing to the economic and social well-being of the region.

At the press conference, representatives of the different sectors expressed their concern about the delays in the final permits for the project. They emphasized that Blu Terrenas would not only be an important boost to the local economy, but would also generate development opportunities and thousands of direct and indirect jobs for the inhabitants of the area.

Likewise, the spokespersons present called on the authorities to take immediate action and grant the final permits for the project so that it can continue its course. They expressed their hope that the government will provide a prompt solution to this situation, taking into account the strategic importance of tourism for the economic growth of the country and the development of Las Terrenas.