Dominican Republic.  The Blu Terrenas Project announced that it has formally received the environmental permit from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic for the construction and operation of this project, which aims to raise tourism standards in the municipality of Las Terrenas. This authorization is supported by Law 64-00 on Environment and Natural Resources.

The permit was given on November 27, 2023, where the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources issued Environmental License number 0530-23. This authorization is based on the detailed review of the project’s Environmental Impact Study. Therefore, the Ministry, after considering the recommendations of the Technical Evaluation and Validation Committees, specifies that the construction and operation of the Blu Terrenas project complies and will comply with environmental regulations.


Oscar de Castro, marketing director of Blu Terrenas, stated that “we are committed to the development of the region, making this project a great reality, which will generate approximately 2,500 jobs directly and around 5,000 indirectly, which means a significant improvement in the socioeconomic conditions throughout Las Terrenas. It also reiterates compliance with all the provisions of the Environmental License, contributing to the sustainable development of Las Terrenas”.

About Blu Terrenas

Blu Terrenas is located in Portillo, municipality of Las Terrenas, Samana Province, located between the Atlantic Boulevard and the Mirador of the coast of Las Terrenas. The concept is a sustainable project that preserves the environment, but also favors the social and economic growth of the inhabitants of Las Terrenas. The main focus is to develop a construction integrated with nature, to generate positive environmental impacts. More than a responsibility, it is a commitment to the community.

Among its cultural amenities will be the first museum of the evolutionary history of the Dominican Republic, 3D movie theaters, an amphitheater with capacity for 2,500 people, a craft market to provide an exhibition platform for local artists, a fire station, a shopping center with more than 60 stores, French and Italian boulevard, church, ecological park, a multi-sports center with different types of courts, anti-aging clinic, a large spa that will be the most complete in the region, a large department store that will have a supermarket, congress center, medical emergency and a large rehabilitation center, which will treat pain conditions and where low-income people will have free consultations. It will also have a Professional Training Center and a Hotel Training School, where young people will be prepared to learn and develop in the world of hospitality.