Las Terrenas. – The Blu Terrenas Project communicates to the entire community, especially the inhabitants of Las Terrenas, that the construction of this magnificent project has not violated Law 64-00 on the Environment and Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic.

The executives of this company, since the conception of the project, have carried out the pertinent procedures for the management of the project permits, it also has the certifications of minimum environmental impact and no objection, among other documents, which endorse the activities carried out up to the date and that appear in the authorizations of the environmental authority. In this sense, the competent authority has not found evidence that this project carries out actions such as excavations and felling of trees that affect wetlands and the water table, nor other alleged violations of Law 64-00 on the Environment and Resources. Naturals of the country.

By virtue of the above, we want to reiterate that the Blu Terrenas tourism project meets all legal requirements and has been designed based on international parameters for the protection and care of the environment, carrying out reforestation after Hurricane Fiona that affected the area so much.

And, as part of the actions, we remain in constant collaboration with the authorities to preserve nature, taking all necessary measures to guarantee that the development of the project has a minimal impact on the ecosystem of Las Terrenas and surrounding areas. Likewise, executives will remain committed to the social and economic growth of Las Terrenas, which is one of the great benefits that the project will provide.

“We guarantee all purchasers of the Blu Terrenas Project to maintain confidence regarding the progress made to date and the vision they have maintained for this project.”

In the same sense, all necessary actions will be exhausted in the competent judicial forums to deny alleged complaints without purpose or objective, other than harming foreign investment in the country, the image and reception of the project, as well as the good management of the present government in matters of environmental permitting.

From our legal direction we are taking the pertinent legal actions for constituting actions of defamation, lying, slander and abuse of authority to our detriment.

Blu Terrenas Communications