Blu Terrenas is proud to announce its support for the talented young athlete Saory Perez Garcia, who will participate in the Open Men category of the prestigious ISA World Surfing Games. This world renowned sporting event will take place from February 22nd to March 3rd in Puerto Rico.

In order to support Saory Pérez García’s participation and contribute to the success of his national representation, Blu Terrenas made an economic contribution to cover the expenses associated with his participation. The company is committed to supporting the athlete in his pursuit of sporting excellence and promoting sportsmanship in the community.

This collaboration symbolizes the union between individual sporting talent and the support of Blu Terrenas in the development and promotion of sports.

Should Saory Perez achieve the highest award in this competition, he will qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. It is important to note that, given the complexity of surfing as a sport, the Olympic Surfing Games will be held in beautiful French Polynesia.

Blu Terrenas reaffirms its commitment to promoting local sports talent and encouraging participation in international events. Through this collaboration, the company seeks to inspire the community to unite in support of the athletes who proudly represent our country on the global stage.