Las Terrenas.– After Hurricane Fiona passed through the country, many houses were affected, for this reason, the sustainable tourism project, Blu Terrenas, stands in solidarity with the community and begins the reconstruction of 10 houses.

Oscar de Castro, marketing director of Blu Terrenas, stated that “Las Terrenas and its inhabitants are an important part of the development of the community and it is our responsibility to be part of the well-being of the families that were affected, by providing them with all the support they need to have a house in optimal conditions”.

This Blu Terrenas initiative reaffirms its social commitment to the community. So far, three of the 10 houses have been rebuilt, including two schools, so that boys and girls can be educated in a safer space.

Las Terrenas is one of the most beautiful places in the country, due to its unique nature, its beautiful beaches and its beautiful people (from the inside out) make anyone fall in love with the area. In this sense, Blu Terrena takes care of each space and its people, who are the economic engine of the area.

About Blu Terrenas:
BLU Terrenas is located in El Portillo, municipality of Las Terrenas, Samaná Province, located between Boulevard del Atlántico and the Mirador de la Costa de Las Terrenas. The concept is to develop a sustainable project that preserves the environment, but also favors the social and economic growth of the inhabitants of Las Terrenas. The main focus is to develop a construction integrated with nature, to generate positive environmental impacts. More than a responsibility, it is a commitment to the community.

The project will generate approximately 2,500 jobs directly and around 5,000 indirectly, contributing significantly to improving the socioeconomic condition of the entire area.

Among its cultural amenities, it will have the first museum of the evolutionary history of the Dominican Republic, 3D movie theaters and an artisan market to offer an exhibition platform for local artists, a fire station for the entire community, a sports center with different types of fields, and an academy that will prepare the young people of Las Terrenas for free in services in the tourism and hotel field, every 6 months they will prepare, with a nationally and internationally recognized teaching body, 30 young people as future hotel managers, chef, A&B, Maintenance, Housekeeper, among others.